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Alzheimer's and related dementia training and consulting
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In-Service Training
In-service training's are available in multiple topic areas.  Each training is based on the latest knowledge and advances in best practices in dementia care.

  • Basics of Dementia
  • Understanding the Dementia Experience
  • Recognizing Behavioral Triggers
  • Creating a Dementia Friendly Environment
  • Non-pharmacologic Interventions for Behaviors that Challenge
  • The Stages of Dementia
  • Activity-Focused Care
  • End-of-Life Issues and Care
  • Sexuality and Dementia
  • Grief and Loss
  • Caring for the Person with Dementia in the Hospital Setting
  • Recognizing and Interacting with the Person with Dementia for First Responders
  • Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and Dementia

Our Services
At Dementia Care Strategies, we take care to provide our clients with the highest quality training and consultation services that are personalized for their unique needs.  
Workshops - Half or Full Day
Half and full-day workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of the target audience be they family caregivers or professionals.

Conference Speaker
Kathryn is available to speak at your conference or community organization.  

Behavioral Consultations
Individualized behavioral consultations are available to families, facilities, and home health agencies struggling with the behavioral issues commonly seen in dementia.  Consultations can be either on-site (depending on location) or via telephone and web conferencing.  
Family Caregiver Consulting
As dementia progresses, families struggle to understand and deal with the challenging behaviors that frequently occur. 

Our caregiver consulting program provides families with a confidential resource to help them understand how dementia impacts their family member's ability to function, prepares them for the road ahead, and provides guidance and advice on managing and accommodating a variety of common behaviors.

This service is available in-person (depending on location) or through telephone and online conferencing.