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Alzheimer's disease & dementia...
it's a long journey.

Patient Advocacy.  A patient advocate is your "insider" in Maine's complex health and long term care system. Communicating with multiple practitioners, clinical trial options, and service providers can be confusing and frustrating. A patient advocate acts as your point person for helping to coordinate care or monitoring the care of a loved one from a distance. An advocate can help you get the information and services you need.  Dementia Care Strategies can help you understand what services might benefit you and how to access them. We can also help you find qualified dementia specialists and providers who pride themselves on providing their staffs the most up-to-date training in dementia care. 

Family Coaching.  If you are caring for a family member with dementia at home we understand the special challenges that can occur.  We specialize in managing the difficult behaviors that often occur with dementia and can help you manage and cope with them.   Need help with wandering and exit-seeking behaviors, angry or agitated behaviors, difficulty in assisting your family member with personal care or meals?  We can help.

Our advocacy and coaching services can be provided by phone, email or in-home (depending on your location). The initial phone contact is always free with ongoing  services charged at an hourly rate of $75.
Patient Advocacy & Family Coaching
Training for Long Term Care Professionals
Let Dementia Care Strategies train your staff!  We pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date, high quality, and interactive training for professional caregivers available.  Available in a wide array of topics, our trainings have consistently been scored on post-training evaluations as "highly effective" and the trainer as "highly knowledgeable."  You can select a training from our established trainings or we can develop a customized training to suit your facilities particular needs.  Whether you are a SNF, NF, assisted living facility, PNMI, congregate housing, adult day program or a home health agency we have a training to suit your needs.  Contact us today to discuss our pricing and availability.
Intellectual/Developmental Disability Providers.
We're pleased to be on the forefront of specialized dementia training for community providers and group homes.  People with Down Syndrome are living longer than they ever have thanks to advances in medical care.  Yet nearly 70% of people with Down Syndrome will develop Alzheimer's Disease, and do so at a younger age than the general population.  People with other intellectual/developmental disabilities are at risk of developing dementia as well as they age. Caring for this population with dementia requires community providers to develop a whole new set of skills.  Let us help your staff to provide the highest quality of life possible for your clients with dementia.  
Community Presentations
Need a speaker for your organization or community event? We have presentations on a range of topics related to Alzheimer's disease and related dementia's including Understanding the Warning Signs and Brain Health. Presentations can be tailored to meet your time frame but generally require a minimum 1 hour commitment.  Contact us to arrange a presentation in your community.

Caregiver Workshops
Hands-on caregiving is challenging work.  We offer a range of affordable workshops designed to give caregivers of all kinds the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the highest quality of life possible to individuals living with dementia, regardless of setting.  
Home Environment Assessments
Aging parent with dementia?  Thinking of having them move in with you?  Let us help you identify easy and inexpensive modifications that can be made to enhance safety and promote independence. We will visit your home, undertake a complete environmental assessment, and provide a detailed written report on what you can do to make your home "dementia friendly."  A 2-hour site visit and written report costs $275 and can can save you hours of frustration and stress.